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Staying ahead of the trends…

Staying ahead of the trends…

How do you do it? Can it be done? Worshippers of style are constantly seeking out the next big trend, trying to find the chicest accent to add to their interior or wardrobe before anyone else. You keep that tiny piece of information and share your source with a select few so that when the trend blows up, you can say remember when I showed you that brand last fall?

We all fall victim to it, we live in a consumer targeted world where speciality and uniqueness is a commodity that can be bought and sold with the fleeting notion of being on trend. Working in retail can make you constantly think about keeping ahead of trends. You have to predict what might be popular before material objects even hit the market, you have to trust your gut and make decisions.

We don’t always approach our buying that way and maybe that is what makes us unique! When Margaret and I go to the gift shows we are looking for what makes us as individuals happy, or what we find strikingly beautiful. We really examine the quality, intention and purpose of each object we bring into the store. This curation process is taken even further by Margaret’s antique buying as she is really using her own understanding and appreciation of antiques to create a collection of the most beautiful examples of these antique styles of furniture and exhibiting how to properly incorporate classic styles from all era’s into one cohesive look.

Perhaps it isn’t about staying ahead of or with the trends, it may be about curating a personal look. Which can only be done by thoughtful observation and purchasing, while we do this at the store, we encourage you to do it for your home. Create collections of the things you find beautiful in life. Splurge on the things you love and keep them forever. You will learn to appreciate your own style much more than the one that is constantly morphing with social media.


xx Kelly

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