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Making A House A Home

Making A House A Home


Our entire team at The Summer House feels that while a home must be decorated and beautiful it really isn’t a home unless it represents its inhabitants. We have pulled this series together to help our readers start thinking outside of traditional decorating and find  what’s important to them and shows their personality!.

We all  have unique and varied experiences. Shouldn’t our decor reflect the cool individuals we are?  There is not one way to style a bookshelf or a mantelpiece or that vast empty wall in your living room. But there are a few jumping off points to get you started on the integration of personal decor. Today we get a chance to look at my sister, Jessalyn Maguire’s, apartment in Manhattan.

If you are a traveler: Try and gather things abroad that would have a place in your home. Their presence will bring memories of those pleasant times back every time you see them.. My personal design is very much influenced by the trips I take. So if you find something you love overseas it might just be worth bringing it home– even if it is just a small object. Curate your own home and it will spark conversation and personal memories for a lifetime. 

Jessalyn and her fiancé Stanley love to travel and they have hung a few nods to London, their meeting place when they we’re studying theater there.

Children are some of the most creative beings we get to interact with, and if you have them you know they love to create artwork, so instead of piling those special pictures in a box to look at every 10 years, frame a few of your favorites and integrate them throughout the house. They are a part of your life and they should feel represented in their home as well! Not only will this trick make your home more interesting, but it will make your little one(s) proud to be physically represented in the family space. And if you don’t have children or yours are out of the Picasso stage don’t despair. Pick up a paintbrush or a pencil and make something yourself. Add a little whimsy to your upstairs guest bath (or hallway in Jessalyn’s case) with a personal drawing or collage.

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Jessalyn created a gallery wall out of her personal artwork and a collection of cards as well as including a commemorative road sign from her time studying in London. Which is also the city that Jessalyn met her fiancé.

Don’t always go with the trends. Pay attention to what your eye catches first. Were you drawn to something because it was so unexpected or so gorgeous? Would it fit in your home? If it is not your “style” but you like it, then maybe your style is beginning to evolve… Go with it!  Be adventurous in your design and you will find you love the space you live in.

Check back next week when we will give you some tips on styling bookcases….
— Kelly & Margaret

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