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Let me take a #Shelfie

Let me take a #Shelfie

Hi guys!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the party celebrating our new space this past Saturday! It was a great success and wouldn’t have been possible without you all! This post is a continuation of our Making a House a Home series. This week we are going to focus on finessing your bookshelves!
One of the constant topics amongst interior designers is “bookshelf filler”, renamed more recently by Instagram users– the “shelfie” . There are many things that can fill your bookshelves and we think that they are the perfect opportunity to curate a scene filled with your admirations and ideas. When designing we often look for the most striking, new fad rather than looking to ourselves for inspiration. Reversing this process can bring life to a room. It prompts visitors to ask about how the artwork was acquired or when a photo of the family was taken; the mixture of new styles and your personal style is ideal.

Jude Maguire of Main & Market, one of Designdot‘s affiliated independent designers, has found the perfect combination in her home. The Victorian trim is painted white and the back of the bookcase is a bright blue. Jude took this aesthetic perfection to the next level when she wrapped each of the books for that bookcase in white paper and wrote the titles in gold script on the spine. By painting the back of the bookcase, Jude added another layer of colors that allowed the bookcase to really be a blank canvas for the eclectic collection of items she has gathered over time. These touches really unify the bookcase and allow for a lot of play with accessories.
One of the most interesting parts of this bookcase is the mixture of architectural and structural silhouettes– from the circular frame, the organic shape of the coral, the marble architectural piece that has been repurposed as a bookend, to the foo dog. By reimagining the purpose of your objects you can create an entirely unique vignette without breaking too far from your aesthetic comfort zone. Jude also uses the bookshelf as a display for a few of her own drawings and watercolors. This approach to design is unique because it refocuses the attention of the space to the unique personal objects and allows you to express your interests and attractions on a blank canvas! It is a great way to bring personality to a more structured design aesthetic or to refresh the spaces you look at everyday. Why not display a curated collection of what makes you happy? It makes for the perfect #shelfie :).

–Kelly & Margaret

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