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Gallery Walls Galore!

Hello again 🙂

Gallery walls allow you to create a story from a collection of similar photos and prints. When doing a gallery wall it is best to pick a theme. Whether it be family, happiness, summer, ancestry, nature you should decide upon your theme before you embark on your mission.

My favorite gallery wall is one made up of antique pictures of relatives from both sides of my parents families. They are each in their original frames, the age of the photo revealed by the yellowed patina coating each photo beneath the glass of the frame. This unique collage offers a conversation topic during family holiday parties. Everyone always has a different opinion about who looks like which ancestor….

We made a gallery wall in the store composed of mirrors and prints. This idea is unique and brings a few fun element to the space. It reflects the light of the room making the space feel airy and bright, but still contains art and inspiration.

Whether it is antique shots, baby pictures, action shots, mirrors or landscape views of your family’s favorite places. A gallery wall with  meaningful intention brings a lot of life to a home.

— Kelly & Margaret

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