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Fresh Pillow Picks!

Fresh Pillow Picks!

It is finally starting to warm up today and spring is in the air. We couldn’t be happier and have had our eyes out for hopeful blooming flowers for weeks now. One way to speed up the arrival of spring without skipping a few weeks is by moving things around and making some new additions to your home.

One of the best ways to invest in your home and make sure that you never tire of the decor that fills your space is to buy different pillows for your space depending on the season. There are a few different ways to do this!

You can either do a full face lift and change your pillows entirely at the start of each season. This can be expensive but if you take the time to find pillows you love you can maintain their quality by stashing them away for a few months a year and prolong their life while freshening your space with a different vibe for different seasons.

You can also invest in a new pillow or two when they happen to strike your fancy, and try to keep all of your pillows interchangeable — this allows you to move your accents from room to room and creating an interchangeable and flexible collections that lets you play and create new environments as your mood shifts. Here are some of the styles we have in store right now, all available for purchase through our partnership with DelveDecor! Give us a call or just click to buy below!


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