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Check Your List Twice

Check Your List Twice

Gobble Gobble!!!

Thanksgiving is next week! Which means one thing in our world, Christmas is about a month away. ~This is the ideal time for present hint dropping.~

Whether you’re the shopper or the receiver everyone becomes a little more secretive in the stores, slipping presents into bags while your husband or child’s back is turned. Most people spend a lot of time with family during the holiday season and we do as well. One of our favorite things to do while we waited for Thanksgiving dinner as a group of cousins was talk about what we were wishing for this Christmas season. We would share ideas and compare who came up with the better options.

While I have outgrown this tradition, I do still keep a form of a Christmas list, may it be in my head, on my mom’s sticky note pad or on the homescreen of my boyfriend’s computer, I have a list. And I will check it twice…

Here are a few things I’m hoping to see under the tree in a few weeks…

I’ve been eyeing this one pair of earrings by MBellish since September… Hopefully they stick around a little while longer for one of you or my special people to come in and grab them!

I am obsessed with the Icelandic fur pelts we have draped around the store, I have wanted one for a while because it is such a multifunctional accessory. You can use it as a cozy rug next to your bed so your toes aren’t shocked by the chill of winter when you wake up. Or you can drape it over your desk chair and transport to a cloud for a few hours of your work day 🙂

These are just a few of my favorite things in the store, we have something that will make all of the people in your life smile! Stop by and say Hi before you head out of town, we have some great hostess gifts!


Kelly & Margaret

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