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Art in Design

Art in Design

Art is personal, we all have extremely emotional responses to every piece. It can shock, wow, scare, engage or repel you from one glance. Traditional art such as paintings, sculptures and photographs are almost always the last step in the design practice. In the off chance that the art might have been the first piece chosen–rare but a possibility– it becomes the focal point of the room. The colors, lines and general aesthetic of the room become centered around the mood of the artwork.

So how do you approach picking art for your space… you have to expose yourself to a lot of it!

I have a few ways that I go about finding art for my spaces that might be helpful to you:

  1. Browse local boutiques, most places try really hard to support local artists and also are usually exclusive representatives of those artists in the area. These sources are perfect for center pieces in your home. While they may be a little more expensive than you were originally thinking of investing in, but the result is a piece you will love forever and that is usually a representation of the region in which you live. These small connections initiate reminders of your community within your home and allow for a conversation piece to enter your design world. At The Summer House we carry Victoria Brooks Melly(Greenwich based), Virginia Marzonie(Greenwich based) and Kristen Plumb(New Canaan based).
  2. I also love to browse through bins of old records at antique stores. Sometimes you find a perfect copy of your favorite Beatles album and others you find shocking surrealist scenes that draw you in and make you question all that you know
  3. Another lovely source of art is by framing your own work. If you love photography, go pick up some frames from The Summer House and print out your favorites, when these personal pieces are mixed in with pieces you have collected through life you feel as though you’re in your own gallery, no matter how you present your art.

See you next week 🙂


xx Kelly and Margaret

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